Free Lessons for 6th Graders

Free Individual Lesson before you leave the store
To help insure students get off to a good start, The Music Man gives an introductory lesson with one of our music teachers before you take your instrument home.  We address how to make a tone, care and assembly, and good playing habits right from the start.

Why does The Music Man offer continuing free lessons
To our rental students?

School music teachers instruct all instruments of the band at one time
in large classes.  They do a great job, but our additional full hour sessions, with up to three instructors team teaching only one type of instrument  allow us to give the kids individual help no other method can match.
Videos and tape recordings are available but we find these are no substitute for live, caring teachers.

“Hey Mom, pick me up early for my band class at The Music Man, I don’t want to miss anything.”… comment passed on to us each year by parents of our rental students.

Schedule for Free Follow-up Lessons at The Music Man

Saturdays, Sept.16, 23, 30, & Oct.7

Flutes – 10 a.m.     Clarinets – 11 a.m.    Saxes – 12:15 p.m.

Trumpet/Trombone/Baritone – 1:30 p.m.       Violins – 3 & 4 p.m.      Violas/Cellos – 5 p.m.