Meet our drum guru Vinnie

If you need drum advice of any kind, Vinnie is here to help.  When not playing all over town, often with the Ken Peltier Band, Vinnie is helping drummers improve their playing and their gear.  Whether you are an 8 year old with a dream or a seasoned professional, Vinnie can provide you with the knowledge and gear you need.

Rent-to-Own Drum Sets

A great way to get started with easy monthly Rent-to-Own payments.  Flexible plan on a variety of drum sets.

Drum Repair

From drum head upgrades to customizing your kit, Vinnie and The Music Man can take care of you.

Basix and YAMAHA

From the most recorded drum set in the world to the world’s best value, Vinnie has the kit to fit your particular needs.

Drum Set Lessons

Vinnie is currrently scheduling students.  Call for lesson times.