Step-up Saxophones

The Music Man carries a variety of intermediate and professional saxophones made by many of the world’s finest instrument builders. All instruments are custom adjusted in our repair shop and, in addition to the manufacturer warranty, carry a 2 year local Music Man Warranty, which covers all adjustments and tune-ups.

Featured Step-up Saxophones

Yamaha Allegro Saxophone (Alto & Tenor)

Yamaha offers the perfect line of instruments to keep pace with advancing musicians…Allegro.  Discerning eyes and ears will immediately identify this horn as a cut above other intermediate level instruments. A high quality G1 neck with an open response, stronger key guide, professional caliber waterproof pads, gold lacquer finish and a hard shell case all add both durability and finesse.

Offering many features of more advanced professional models, the Yamaha Allegro Saxophone is high quality yet value-conscious.  These elegant instruments are backed by a full 7-year warranty and the legendary Yamaha name.  Recommended by band directors the nation over.


Yamaha 82Z series.  (soprano, alto, & tenor)

This has to be one of the most exciting things to happen to the sax world in modern times. Finally a modern sax that actually captures the sound and feel of those treasured classic saxes of the past – while adding state-of-the-art intonation and mechanism. Based on the scale of the classic ’62’ models, the new Custom Z saxes have bodies that are made of a special brass alloy for lighter weight, a great playing ‘feel’, and the kind of tonal flexibility you’ve always dreamed of. The Z plays evenly in all ranges, and gives you a huge dynamic range for as much – or as little – sound as you want. The Custom G1 neck helps produce a quick and agile response, while key action and placement feel just right. You can create whatever style tone you’re after, from vintage to contemporary, and there’s no need to sacriface comfort for sound. These horns literally ‘have it all’.