Yamaha SBP8F3 3 PIECE BE-BOP DRUM SET(Shells only)

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SKU:  ae00-1130^SBP8F3
Manufacturer Part #:  SBP8F3
Yamaha's 3 piece "Be-bop" Drum kit. (Hardware, cymbals, and snare sold separately) 18x15 Bass Drum, 14x13 floor tom, 12x8 mounted tom. The shell is a key factor in the drum's ability to "rumble" or resonate. Accordingly, the Stage Custom - a classic in the realm of high-class drum kits - employs 100% birch. Moreover, with its six-ply structure, the Stage Custom accurately conveys the vibrations produced at the impact surface, achieving performance that transcends anything in its class. Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (Y.E.S.S.) The secret of our Y.E.S.S. system is twofold: first, it ensures minimum contact between the hardware and shell, and second, it connects that hardware to the nodal point* of the drum - the point at which it will not interfere with shell vibration. Nylon bushings on rod clamps afford maximum stability. Y.E.S.S. also allows toms to be placed close together without interfering with quick head changes, and on floor toms, Y.E.S.S. offers wide open sustain while keeping toms stable under the heaviest strokes. * Nodal point mounting is patented by the Noble & Cooley Drum Ball Mount and Clamp A tribute to Yamaha design technology, our original ball mount and clamp have not changed much over the years. A large, ultra-hard resin ball sits in an attractive chromed housing, held in place with a titanium ergonomic wing bolt. It is the ultimate drummer-friendly mount offering non-slip positioning and tuning of the bottom head by simply rotating the drum. Die-Cast Claw Hook Die-cast claw hooks with rubber insertion plates help to reduce noise. BD Leg Stoppers Bass drum legs have stoppers to make setting easier.
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