Baritone (Euphonium)

Tone Production Considerations:

Brass instruments are played by buzzing the center of the lips together, into the mouthpiece.  

Baritone has a relatively large mouthpiece, so it works well with kids with a large variety of mouth shapes and sizes.

   - Braces top & bottom teeth -  NOT a problem!

   - Noticable underbite/overbite - usually NOT a problem!
   - Uneven front teeth -  usually not a problem!

Sizing:  Kids of all sizes usually are comfortable with the beginner size baritone.  

What’s the difference between a Baritone and a Euphonium?
Baritones are slightly smaller and are the perfect choice for beginners.  Euphoniums are a bit larger and more expensive, and are often played by intermediate and advanced players.  

* Please remember these are general guidelines.  Other factors, including your teachers preferences, will be important as well.