Terms & Conditions

1.  Ownership- During the rental period, the instrument remains the property of The Music Man. The customer is responsible for any theft, damage, or misuse (customers carrying Maintenance & Damage Coverage see below).

2. Renting to Own - 100% of rental payments will be applied as credit toward the purchase of the instrument after any late fees or additional charges have been satisfied. The customer may cancel this contract at any time by returning the instrument and paying any remaining balance. The customer may pay off the account early by paying the retail value minus the accrued purchase credit, or the cash price, whichever is less.

3. Payment - All rental fees must be paid to the Music Man by the due date each month. Daily rent is in effect until the instrument is returned or paid in full. If timely payment is made by auto-pay on a credit card, no late fee will be assessed.

4. Billing - It is the customers responsibility to notify the Music Man of any change to the application information. The customer is responsible for timely payment.

5. Past due Accounts -A $5.00 late fee will be charged on accounts more than ten days overdue. The customer will return the instrument to The Music Man or his representative if rent becomes 30 days overdue according to Alaska Statute Sec. 34.05.040. On accounts more than 30 days past due, the customer will be held liable for the total value of the instrument, plus any late charges and repossession fees ($20 per attempt). The Music Man may additionally contact my spouse for collection of any past due amount. The Music Man reserves the right to take possession of it peacefully wherever it is found, at school or elsewhere. If the account becomes over 90 days past due, the customer agrees to pay the full value of the instrument plus a 35% collection fee.

6. Security Deposit - A major credit card is required as payment security on the rental. If an account becomes past due, the Music Man will charge rental the balance due to the credit card. If the customer is unable to provide a current credit card, a cash deposit will be required.  If a credit card is about to expire or become inactive, the customer agrees to provide a new active credit card or new expiration date or cash deposit.

7. Reinstatement - The customer may reinstate the rental agreement according to AS 45.35.050, should the contract be terminated.

8. The retail value (the total of all rental payments) does not include other charges under the agreement, including late fees, pick-up charges, and reinstatement fees.

9. The Music Man will provide maintenance for normal wear, excluding problems or damage that occur due to improper use or unauthorized repairs. (There is a $20 dollar removal/cleaning charge for markings made on the case.)

10. I acknowledge the instrument is for student use only in conjunction with a school music program or a qualified teacher.


*Optional Maintenance and Damage Agreement:

Repair - If the instrument is damaged accidentally, The Music Man will bring the instrument back into good "playing condition" upon completion of an accidental damage form, (does not apply to cosmetics).   Fire/ Damage - If the instrument is accidentally destroyed by fire or other means, The Music Man will replace the instrument with one of equal value, age, and condition.   Parts - The Music Man will repair or replace any instrument parts that break or become unusable. Coverage includes: mouthpieces, ligatures, keys, tuning slides, finger rings, head joints, keyguards, screws, caps, spit valves, and slides. Does not include consumable items (strings, reeds, cleaning swabs, etc.)  Coverage is automatically canceled if your account becomes delinquent.  Coverage may be cancelled at any time with written notice to The Music Man.