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Introducing... the Orchestra!

Introducing... the Band!


Selecting and Fitting an Instrument

  1. Listen to the demos below. Find the instruments that inspire you! What sound/tone do you reallly like?
  2. View the Size & Fitting Guides to help choose an instrument that is a good choice for you.

Band Instruments come in many sizes to fit student's height, arm length, and hand size, must be checked to see if an instrument is appropriate. Eveness of teeth and shape of lips can also be an important factor to consider.

Orchestra instruments come in many sizes to fit student's arm length. This makes it possible for student's to get an instrument that fits them precisely. It is CRUCIAL to get the exact size, to insure good hand positions. Otherwise it can be nearly impossible to play.


Individual Instrument Demos


Get inspired! YAMAHA Demos

Clarinet Yamaha
Flute Yamaha
Trumpet Yamaha
Saxophone Yamaha

What Parents Say

Parent Interview

What Kids Say

Kid Interview
The Music Man has a great selection of band and orchestra instruments, keyboards, guitars, and drums.  Many are available on our popular rent-to-own program.   Please visit our Rental Program page for more info.