Rental Program - Band & Orchestra

School Band Directors cooperating to give your child:


Retired school band directors Kurt Pasch, Patty Devine, Nancy Wertzbaugher, and Sandra Cox
will be at our store during the rental season to help answer questions…
and will continue to make themselves available to you
throughout the school year as Covid conditions improve.

~ Free Extended Warranty Repairs for all normal wear and tear.
PLUS Optional Damage Coverage for all accidental damage.

~ 100% of Your Rental Payments may Apply Toward Purchase.

Start with a good quality instrument that does not have to be upgraded later.
With The Music Man your rent will not increase after you begin renting.

~ Buy-Back Plan with Cash Purchase Saves you even more!
…plus our promise to buy back the instrument at any time: your refund is based on the number of months you had the instrument.  If you find a better us.

~ Reduced Prices: We have discounted Yamaha prices to compete with economy brands making it affordable for your child to receive every advantage.  We also rent Bach, Buffet, Gemeinhardt and Selmer instruments. Early pay-off discounts.

~ No Deposit is required of customers who provide their own major credit card as a waiver, with an Alaska Drivers License / I.D.    Customers without cards are required to make a 50% refundable deposit.

Ask any teacher-musician about the quality of our brand name instruments.

Monthly Rental Rates

Beginning Band & Orchestra

Violins $30 - $40/m

Violas $30 - $45/m

Cellos - $65/m

Basses $120/m

Flutes $30 - $45/m

Clarinets $30 - $45/m

Alto Saxophones $55 - $75/m

Trumpets and Trombones $30 - $45/m

Baritones - $50-65/m

Percussion Kits $25 - $35/m

Advancing Instruments

Tenor Sax $75-$120/m

Oboe $85-$150/m

Bass Clarinet $85-$150/m

Horn  $85-$150/m

Optional Accidental Damage Coverage - Highly Recommended.   Never pay for any damage or repairs!

Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone,  Violin, Viola, Percussion -   $7/month

Tenor Sax, Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Horn - $10/month

Cello, Bass - $15/month


Disinfectant Protocols:   All wind instruments are stored for a minimum of 3 weeks, then disinfected with 70% alcohol on body, keys, and mouthpiece.   New mouthpieces are available for purchase as well.  Orchestra instruments are stored for a minimum of 3 weeks, then wiped carefully with 70% alcohol disinfectant.